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Restorative Care Textbook:

Theory and Practical Fundamentals

ISBN: 978-1-944471-80-4

Interior & Cover : Color & Softcover

Edition: Series I (Hard Copy)

Published: 2016-2017

Pages: 295 pages

Size: 11 x 8.5

Population: Trade School, Colleges, High Schools, Training Centers, etc.

Subject:  Allied Healthcare, etc.

For Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Restorative Aide And Restorative Assistant


The restorative care textbook consist of contents such as introduction to patient care, infection control and legal issues in healthcare, Introduction to human anatomy and medical terminology,  physical assessment and examination, patient mobility and range of motion, therapeutic exercise and patient positioning, assistive devices and gait, orthotics and prosthetics, patient transfer techniques and wheelchair management, wound care and various special topics such as draping techniques, ostomy care, nutrition and meal etc. Apart from the above mentioned content, the book has over 50 clinical skills for patient care technicians. This book also features 3 practice exams; each practice exam has 100 questions. The student will have 300 questions to solve at the end of the book, plus there is an end of chapter review questions as well, which can be completed by the student after every chapter. This book may be adopted by schools that are already offering the restorative aide course or restorative aide program , restorative care course or restorative care program, or restorative assistant course or restorative assistant program or plan to offer any such program in future. The key component of the textbook is an easy to understand language that can be understood by the candidate while reading the content of the textbook. The book also features various pictures and illustrations to make the concepts of learning easy. The Restorative Care textbook is adopted by institutions to prepare students to attempt the national restorative care assistant certification exam offered by American Education Certification Association (AECA).



Chapter 1: Introduction to Patient Care

Chapter 2: Infection Control &  Standard Precautions

Chapter 3: Legal Issues in Healthcare

Chapter 4: Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

Chapter 5: Medical Terminologies

Chapter 6: Physical Assessment & Examination

Chapter 7: Patient Positioning & Bed Mobility Techniques

Chapter 8: Range of Motion

Chapter 9: Therapeutic Exercises

Chapter 10: Gait

Chapter 11: Assistive Devices

Chapter 12: Orthosis and Prosthesis

Chapter 13: Transfer Techniques

Chapter 14: Wound Care & Pressure Sores

Chapter 15: Wheelchair Management

Chapter 16: Patient Care Skills (30 Plus Skills Checklist)



Special Topic 1: Confusion and dementia 
Special Topic 2: Nutrition and meal 
Special Topic 3: Measurement of intake and output 
Special Topic 4: Ostomy and its care 
Special Topic 5: Draping techniques 
Special Topic 6: Aphasia and types
Special Topic 7: CPR, AED and abdominal thrust
Special Topic 8: Admission discharge and transfer
Special Topic 9: Activities of daily living
Special Topic 10: Levels of need
Special Topic 11: Death and dying
Special Topic 12: Restraints and incident reports
Special Topic 13: Urine specimen collection
Special Topic 14: Stool and sputum specimen collection
Special Topic 15: Communication



Demand for Restorative Aides and Restorative Care Assistants are increasing and non availability of all in one compiled resources for restorative care led to the publishing of the Restorative Care Textbook. Schools can now offer a program by the following titles using this book: Restorative Care Assistant, Restorative Nursing Assistant, and Restorative Aide. 


A restorative care assistant / specialist assists with therapeutic 
exercises and occupational therapy, and focuses less on direct nursing 

These duties include preparing the patient and the treatment area:

  • Clean and organize work area and disinfect equipment after treatment.

  • Instruct, motivate, safeguard, or assist patients practicing exercises or functional activities, under direction of medical staff.

  • Record treatment given and equipment used.

  • Confer with staff or others to discuss and evaluate patient information for planning, modifying, or coordinating treatment.

  • Observe patients during treatment to compile and evaluate data on patients' responses and progress and report to physical therapist.

  • Secure patients into or onto therapy equipment.



WorkBook Test
Multimedia Presentation
Midterm / Final Exams
Test Bank and Quiz



Easy and Simple to Read Content

30 Plus Competency Skills
Legal Issues in Healthcare  

Medical Terminology in Alphabetic Order
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology With Color Illustrations

End of Chapter Review Questions

Dedicate Infection Control Chapter with Illustrations/Pictures

New Table with Muscles and Their Actions

Vital Signs Assessment Procedure: Stepwise Illustrations/Pictures

Illustration of Various Body Positions

Range of Motion Stepwise Illustrations/Pictures

  • (Upper, Lower Limbs & Neck)

Exercises Stepwise Illustrations/Pictures
Gait Phases and Components Illustrations/Pictures
Illustration for Gait Walking with Assistive Devices
Pictures of Various Assistive Devices
Illustrations of Orthosis and Prosthesis


Pictures of Patient Care Transfer (10 Types of Transfers)

Stepwise Picture of Transfer Techniques
Illustration of 4 Types of Pressure Ulcers
Wheelchair Parts with Illustration
Special Topics

Wheelchair Illustrations Going Up & Down the Curb

End of Book: 3 Sets of Questions with Answer Key for 300 Questions



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