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Phlebotomy Technician


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$199for 6 Weeks

Duration: 6 Weeks

Access: Online

Midterm Exam: Included

Final Exam: Included

Per User Login to be Purchased by Schools for their enrolled students

$244for 6 Weeks

Duration: 6 Weeks

Access: Online + Book

Midterm Exam: Included

Final Exam: Included

Per User Login to be Purchased by Schools for their enrolled students


In todays world, technology has brought in changes that we would have never imagined many years ago. Education has greatly been enhanced using technology like never before. Online courses, a thing that was not possible many many years ago has become a mainstream offering for many educational institutions and training facilities. A need for online education or atleast a portion of it being delivered online has become a vital part of the educational journey for many students and educational institution. Keeping this in mind OPRET EDUCATION in the early 2010's started developing online courses in the allied heathcare field for programs such as Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician, Patient Care Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant, Physical Therapy Aide, Rehabilitation Therapy Technician, Restorative Care and more.. We offered it to only a handful of educational institutions that displayed the desired to offer such programs. In 2016 we brought the content to the main stream by launching it in a way that every educational institution or training facility could use them. In 2020, we have released our 6th version of the online learning program that is available today. Schools seeking to offer online programs or part online (hybrid) can now buy content login per user for their students and offer these program to their students community. Want to schedule a demo email 



  • Module 1: Section 1 Intro to Phlebotomy & Infection Control

  • Module 1: Section 2 Legal Issues in Healthcare

  • Module 2: Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Module 3: Medical Terminology

  • Midterm Exam

  • Module 4: Phlebotomy Equipment & Supplies

  • Module 5: Phlebotomy Clinical Skills

  • Module 6: Phlebotomy Fundamental Essentials

  • Final Exam


  • Venipuncture Using Butterfly Needle Method

  • Venipuncture Using Multisample Safety Needle Method

  • Venipuncture Using Syringe Method

  • Dermal Puncture for Glucose Testing

  • Dermal Puncture for Capillary Blood Collection

  • Dermal Puncture for Bleeding Time Test

  • Dermal Puncture for Blood Smear Preparation

  • Urinalysis Procedure & Fecal Sample Procedure

  • and more.....


  • Module 1: Section 1 Intro to Phlebotomy & Infection Control

    • In this module the user will go over the following topics such as: infection control, standard precautions, OSHA, modes of transmission, chain of infection, personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, bloodborne pathogens and more.

  • Module 1: Section 2 Legal Issues in Healthcare

    • In this module the content includes​​ legal issues in healthcare such as negligence, malpractice, and other related topics.

  • Module 2: Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

    • In this module the content includes​​ introduction to anatomy and physiology of human body systems along with body planes, directional terms and movement terminologies.

  • Module 3: Medical Terminology

    • In this module the content includes​​ medical terminologies in their alphabetic order from A to Z. 

  • Midterm Exam

    • The midterm exam covers module 1 to module 3​

  • Module 4: Phlebotomy Equipment & Supplies

    • In this module the content includes​​ equipment and supplies required to perform the phlebotomy procedure.

  • Module 5: Phlebotomy Clinical Skills

    • In this module the following procedures will be included; various venipuncture procedures using butter fly needle, multi-sample need, and syringe, and dermal puncture procedures for performing bleeding time test, capillary blood collection, blood smear and other procedures.

  • Module 6: Phlebotomy Fundamental Essentials

    • In this module the content includes​​ important topics pertaining to the phlebotomy such as complications of phlebotomy, and other relevant topics such as, specimen labelling, specimen handling, specimen transportation, specimen rejection, test requisition, areas of concern, blood collection for legal procedures, blood cultures, urine specimen collection, fecal specimen collection, throat swab collection, blood donation procedure, safety data sheet, incident reports and more..

  • Final Exam

    • The midterm exam covers module 1 to module 6



The online content is designed in a way that requires the learner to learn and proceed. What this means is the learner is rewarded when they pass each module, the reward is in the form of the next module being unlocked, this is what we call a gamification mode learning style. Where you attend, read, learn and pass the module at hand to unlock the next module, this forces the learning ability of the learner to focus more on the content and be attentive throughout the course of study. The online program design consists of professional Audio narrations, multiple quizzes, midterm exam, final exam, illustrations, and video as required. Our contents are more focused on the learner, as the main aim is to make the users learn the content being presented to them. The language used in the program contents are simple to read and easy to follow. Each program login consists of an orientation to guide the users on how to procced once they start with their course of study. There is no downloading or uploading of contents or assignments required on the system, everything is designed within the system, so students can stay focused on the content. For the schools they can also get an additional monitoring account to monitor their students as an instructor at an additional cost, however, this is optional. 



  1. Module Based Course/Program

  2. Grading System Auto Set

  3. Quizzes with Each Module

  4. Orientation with Course Map

  5. Audio Narrations

  6. Tutorial Videos

  7. Midterm Exam

  8. Final Exam

  9. Competency Checklist

  10. Marker Tool to Write

  11. Market Tool to Highlight

  12. Play and Stop Button to Stop and Read

  13. Volume Control to Manage the Volume of Audio Narrations


  1. Private Career Schools

  2. Trade Schools

  3. Vocational Schools

  4. Career & Technical Education

  5. Veterans Training Centers

  6. Universities/Colleges

  7. District High Schools

  8. Hospitals & Community Health Centers

  9. Training Facilities

  10. Professional Training Institution

  11. Employment Facility

  12. WorkForce or OneStop Career Center

  13. Community Colleges


Opret Education is only the content provided and does not award a certificate to users on completing the online component. Awarding a certificate is solely the responsibility of the school or the training facility.



Step 1: School or Training Facility Sets Up an Account with Opret Education.

Step 2: School or Training Facility Enrolls User.

Step 3: Purchases the Login for the User from Opret Education. Opret Education emails the Access Code to the School.

Step 4: School Provides the Login Access Code to the User to Complete the Coursework Online.

Step 5: User Completes the Online Coursework on the User Portal.

Step 6: School or Training Facility Records the Coursework Completed (Grades).

Step 7: School or Training Facility Schedules the User's Clinicals or Practical's Onsite.


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