Phlebotomy Technician Textbook:

Theory and Practical Fundamentals

ISBN: 978-1-944471-99-6

Interior & Cover : Color & Softcover

Edition: Series I (Hard Copy)

Published: 2016-2017

Pages: 200 plus pages

Size: 11 x 8.5

Population: Trade School, Colleges, High Schools, Training Centers, etc.

Subject:  Phlebotomy, Allied Healthcare, etc. 



The book has been written and structured to simplify the process of learning concepts in Phlebotomy. In our career of teaching Phlebotomy, numerous students have shown a lack of understanding when it comes to the concept of Phlebotomy, Our aim is to make the process of learning easy for students. The book covers most of the essential topics required to understand the concepts of Phlebotomy, It is concise and to the point. As per our experience we believe that "Learning process can only be easy when the contents for learning are laid out in a simplified manner." Thus we have separated the contents of the book as follows: Introduction to Phlebotomy, Phlebotomy Anatomy & Physiology, Phlebotomy Theory, Phlebotomy Clinical (Trouble Shooting Phlebotomy Case Scenarios), Phlebotomy Competency. Congratulations on choosing a healthcare career. The instructor resources of this book has numerous questions and answers for instructors and students. The questions and answers within the instructor resources can be either used as in class assignments or take home assignments. The multimedia presentations within the instructor resources of the phlebotomy technician may assists the instructor or tutors teach the class. A midterm and final exam is also available within the instructor resources



Chapter 1: Section 1 Intro to Phlebotomy & Infection Control

Chapter 1: Section 2 Legal Issues in Healthcare

Chapter 2: Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology

Chapter 3: Medical Terminology

Chapter 4: Phlebotomy Equipment & Supplies

Chapter 5: Phlebotomy Clinical Skills

Chapter 6: Phlebotomy Fundamental Essentials


Venipuncture Using Butterfly Needle Method

Venipuncture Using Multisample Safety Needle Method

Venipuncture Using Syringe Method

Dermal Puncture for Glucose Testing

Dermal Puncture for Capillary Blood Collection

Dermal Puncture for Bleeding Time Test

Dermal Puncture for Blood Smear Preparation

Urinalysis Procedure & Fecal Sample Procedure

and more.....



Increasing demand of technicians in medical field and lack of all in one compiled educational resources led to the evolution of the Phlebotomy Textbook. This book has been created after an extensive search of phlebotomy technician profession and keeping in mind the new trends and procedures required for on the job tasks. The authors have tried to keep the book concise and to the point without adding any extra theory that may not required for phlebotomy technicians. The knowledge in this book has been provided for individuals planning to pursue a Phlebotomy technician profession at a postsecondary or college level. The language used in the book is simplistic and somewhat easy to comprehend for individuals to understand the concepts of Phlebotomy. The authors have designed the book is such a manner that it can also be used to prepare for certification exams. Finally, the authors would like to thank everyone who has contributed in making this project possible.



Phlebotomy Table of Content
WorkBook Test
Multimedia Presentation
Midterm / Final Exams
Test Bank and Quiz



  • Pictures of Competency Skills of Procedures

  • End of Chapter Review Questions

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Phlebotomy Technicians

  • Equipment Pictures for Phlebotomy with Labeled Names

  • Order of Draw theory for venipuncture and dermal puncture

  • Common lab test information

  • Blood Donation updates

  • Legal issues in healthcare

  • Sample requisition form for phlebotomy

  • Blood Test Panels

  • Urinalysis and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

  • Blood Culture and Blood Collection for Legal Purposes

  • Venipuncture Complications and other related theory

  • Infection control standards for phlebotomy technicians

  • Personal Protective Equipment required for phlebotomy technicians

  • Can be used to prepare for Phlebotomy Certification Exam



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