Instructor Resources

Each Instructor Book Material may compose of following educational resources items:

  • Multimedia Presentations* (View Only)
  • Quiz
  • Syllabus*
  • Content Outline
  • Links to research articles*
  • Points to remember
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations
  • Procedural Competency Checklist

Requesting Instructor Resources From OPRET Education Instructor resources will only be released to verified instructor(s). OPRET Education maintains the security of its educational resources. Your submission will be reviewed by the educational resource representative. This is done to safeguard the educational resources from being accessed by students. Once the verification process is complete, an email will be send to the instructor with the information to access the instructor resources. Note: All instructor resources are online on an OPRET Secured Portal. Instructor Resources may vary according to the textbooks. Not all books have the items listed as a part of the instructor resources.